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Our Strategy

Kel Capital is a fully integrated private equity firm based out of South Florida with a heavy focus on Land acquisition and development along with many other investment vehicles. We are not your average equity firm, as we strive to deal personally, ethically and most importantly transparent and direct. We are first and foremost the people's people and often roll our sleeves up to make every situation work for Buyer, Seller, Investor or Partners.

Owners and Sellers often show great appreciation in how Kel Capital structures each deal custom to their needs. Our goal is that everyone's a winner when it comes to acquiring or liquidating an asset. We are for the people first. Kel Capital has a sharp eye for targeting specific assets that will become part of their long term portfolio and increasing the overall neighborhoods revitalization is truly a talent they have built over many years.

Kel Capital and its affiliates have received governmental approvals on hundreds of multifamily units for residential and commercial development projects and has substantially increased not only the quality, but the home values of surrounding neighborhoods in which the local community have shown great gratitude towards them

The members of Kel Capital like to roll up their sleeves, brainstorm and create long lasting relationships with Tenants, Landlords, Sellers, Owners, Colleagues and just about anyone they meet. They are known to make deals happen through a simple handshake and often tell folks to contact them directly on their cell phone because that's how they are; open, direct and always ready for a good conversation that usually ends with an even better outcome.

Meet Our Team

The Team at Kel Capital are made up of experienced Real Estate minds that span across the United States. They are made up of a group of sophisticated land use attorneys, environmental engineers, established architects and creative finance masterminds who all come together to create and assess long term investments today for tomorrow's future.


Eran Sharon

Eran Sharon is native to Miami Florida, and has an immense and diverse understanding of the South Florida real estate market. He has been involved in the acquisition and disposition of numerous residential and commercial properties since 2001. In 2015, Eran shifted his focus to acquiring multi-family properties and future development sites all across South Florida.

He specializes in raw land acquisitions, and adds value to properties through the entitlement and pre-development process. Eran has been involved in rezoning hundreds of acres of land in South Florida helping to bring new and affordable units to the market. In addition, he has worked on multiple industrial and commercial raw land acquisitions and dispositions as well.


Senior Director of Operations

Michael Blake

Strong skillset in business development, management, strategic planning. Chicago native moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2009.


Accounting and Analytics

Edgar Guitierrez

Exceptional skillset in number crunching and underwriting. Pro-Forma analysis specialist. Guatemala born, now living in South Florida


Project Manager

Jeremy Garson

Oversees site testing, feasibility, engineering reporting. Deep Understanding of land health. Born in Charlston, South Carolina now living in South Florida.


Director of Acquisitions

Alex Diaz

Leads a senior team of acquisition specialists. Has a keen eye for opportunities within our business model. Florida born and raised.


Senior Acquisitions

Jacob Klein

Takes lead role in acquiring sites. Structuring creative financing through private and public institutions Born in New York, now living in South Florida.


Senior Acquisitions

Cory Jacobson

Often deals directly with property owners and brokers to target select sites. Boston born, now living in South Florida.


Our Projects

North Miami, FL

7.6 Acre Development Site

Address: North Miami FL 33167
Size: 7.6 acres
Uses: Multifamily, 45 units per acre
Future development: 342 multifamily units in multiple 3 story garden style buildings. Clubhouse and surface parking.

Homestead, FL

9.7 Acre Development Site

Address: Miami FL 33032
Size: 9.7 Acres
Uses: Multifamily, 60 units per acre
Future development: 500+ multifamily units in multiple 3-8 story buildings.. Clubhouse and surface parking.

Homestead, FL

28 Acre Development Site

Address: Homestead, FL 33035
Size: 28 Acres
Uses: Light Industrial
Future development: 500,000+/- sqft warehouse space.

Homestead, FL

10 Acre Development Site

Address: Homestead, FL 33035
Size: 10 Acres
Uses: Light Industrial
Future development : 225,000+/- sqft warehouse space.

Loxahatchee, FL

103 Acre Development Site

Address: Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Size: 103 Acres
Uses: Single family, low density.
Future development : 50+/- 1 acre estates.

Miami, FL

11 Acre Development Site

Address: Narnaja, (South Miami-Dade), FL 33033
Size: 11.1 Acres
Uses: Multifamily, 60 units per acre
Future development: 321 unit approved multifamily. Garden style apartments, surface parking.

Homestead, FL

15 Acre Development site

Address: SE Homestead, FL 33035
Size: 15.5 Acres
Uses: Agricultural
Future development : Single family/ Townhome community